Our exciting range of economic to run & affordable (prices start at £299) electric radiators: ROMA II, CALI AVANTI, NEEDO, each electric radiator works independently, providing the right amount of heat for the room in which it is installed.  A wall Mounted Energy efficient heating solutions.

Our extensive heating range covers radiator & towel rails
■ 3 possible heights: 400, 600 and 900 mm
2 widths available: 50 mm (simple panel) and 80 mm (double panel)
7 outputs from 500 to 2000 Watts.
Comply with building regulation part L1 & L2.
3 models allow you to choose the aesthetic design that suits you best & 2 options to suit your needs: the Cyclope® radio controller system and the Classic range

Kalirel makes the difference electric radiators are available in 2 versions: - Cyclope® "wireless radio controlled programming system"
Classic range "pilot wire programmer"

<<I Green ® wireless programming system:is the first wireless device of its kind that you can program, receive, display and alter the current room temperature, timing and radiator endless settings. ZigBee radios in each radiator throughout a house or apartment, creating a self-forming, self-healing wireless network that lets each radiator communicate with the remote control anywhere in the residence. You can program individually each radiator, during anytime of the year, month, day or night, the heaters can be programmed or overide for lowering or increasing temperature, they can also been switched off permanently. Each Kalirel electric radiator works independently, providing the right amount of heat for each room (ONLY AT THE TIME YOU NEED IT). Kalirel also enables users to record how much heat they have consumed over time. With these controls and information, users can optimize their thermostat settings* to save heating costs and conserve energy. It's easyer to save if you can see what you use! Therefore complying with the Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations part L (Part L - Conservation of fuel and power)

There are benefits if the internal temperature of a building is prevented from getting too cold (minimum - generally accepted to be 15C - 16C). Maintained minimum background temperatures at this level also assists in the reaching of comfort levels rapidly and cost effectively when required.
* With Kalirel you can program on "each radiator" 3 temperatures setting at any time:
"Comfort" - "Set Back" or "Frost protection"   eg:
- Set Back 16 degrees 7am till midday
- Comfort 22 degrees midday till 3 pm
- Set Back 16 degrees 3pm till 6pm
- Comfort 22 degrees  6pm till midnight

The Classic range: is equipped with an electronic thermostat that can work either as a stand alone and can be programmed with a pilot wire programmer. Both ranges of electric radiators are equipped with a lockable thermostat thanks to the Kalirel electromagnetic key delivered with each radiator, unique locking system to provide protection to both mode and temperature selection.>>

The pilot wire programmer                               Times witch fuse Spur
simple & highly effective
                         Very popular with installers and specifiers.

How KALIREL work! download zone
The following files can be downloaded in pdf format.

just ask we can email you the full bsria report !

  Classic range pilot wire programmer How it work! download it now

  2 zones pilot wire programmer instructions




 DOWNLOAD the users guide of the Radio Controller Cyclope®. 

 NEW ------ kalirel 24 pages ----- NEW ---- catalogue 

Kalirel include a complete comprehensive range of electric towel rails to fit all the Bathroom and Kitchens. NOT a simple TOWEL warmer finally a real RADIATOR in your bathroom.....Featuring the same advantages of the radiator range, Kalirel offers 4 different designs incorporating 3 electrical options.

The Classic range: The Classic range is equipped with an electronic thermostat that can work as stand alone and can be programmed with a pilot wire timer 2 or 4 zones.
■ The control unit of the towel rail can be installed anywhere in the bathroom for a better use of your towel rail. The Cyclope® radio controlled system can be piloted with the unique Cyclope® radio control, full of worthy features and very easy to use.
Feunn integrated fan heater solution: for faster, temporary temperature increases, Kalirel offers you towel rails with the Feunn integrated fan heater.


                     All cyclope's towel rails come with LCD SCREEN WIRELESS DISPLAY
Improved, curved design allin rounded shapes, the idealtouch
Available in 500, 750 and1000 W, and in Classic,Cyclope or in Feunn versions

■ Economy range, sober design offering all the advantages of a towel rail
■ Available in 500,750 and 1000 W ■ Equipped with a Classic thermostat                

■ Superbe modern design with large flat and curved tubes.
■ Available in 500, 750 and 1000 W, and in Classic, Cyclope or in Feunn versions


■ Chrome and curved design, a must have.
■ Available in 500, 750 and 1000 W, and in Classic, Cyclope or in Feunn versions.



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